World Language Connection is proud to offer before or after school enrichment programs, helping to prepare middle and elementary school students to thrive in a global world. Classes are offered in multiple languages and are taught at your child’s school. We offer classes throughout the South Sound and would be happy to start a new program at your school!

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Why Language and Culture?

The benefits of learning another language and gaining cultural insight are endless!

The importance of knowing multiple languages is growing at a rapid pace. Through language education students gain invaluable communication skills, an understanding and awareness of other people, and benefit from a developmental edge that will have a profound impact on their future. In a globally competitive world, language and culture education are ever growing key components to success.

Start Young with our Enrichment Programs!

Children have the most to gain from learning a new language.

While learning a new language is an exceptionally rewarding experience and beneficial at every age, learners who start early are more likely to develop accent-free pronunciation and reap accelerated cognitive developments. Studies show that children who begin learning another language early have greater success in other academic areas, including English, and higher test scores later in life. The exposure they receive to different cultures and customs gives children a broadened view of the world. This allows them to easily navigate the global community both internationally and within our borders.

Incorporating Culture

Incorporating cultural components in language education has a remarkable impact on students.

The interdependence of language and culture has become more and more evident. Students who combine language and cultural studies become better communicators, critical thinkers, and exhibit greater cultural sensitivity. In particular, the rich knowledge that our teachers offer students about other countries and cultures encourages their interest in language study and international exploration. Depending on the language and teacher, students may learn about Argentinean tango dancing, the Inca ruins in Peru, French cuisine, or Chinese astrology.

Future Ambassadors to the World

Our goal is to provide students with the capabilities to become citizens of the world.

Many students go on to further language study. Some even participate in overseas volunteer service learning projects, study abroad, and eventually work abroad. We want all children to have successful futures and we firmly believe this is possible through language and culture education.

Video from the performance of “Hänsel und Gretel” by the students of the German Class at Lowell Elementary in Tacoma.

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