Our Foreign Language Programs

Students enrolled in World Language Connection’s programs will play and enjoy fun activities while learning. Instructors teach students to communicate in the subject language through a mix of approaches and by using primarily the language being taught in class. Students will also learn about the culture and traditions of the countries which use the language they are studying.

Foreign Language Programs for Youth

WLCA Foreign Language ClassOur in-school foreign language classes feature the World Language & Culture Ambassador program which provides elementary and middle school students the foundational skills to thrive in a multi-lingual and multicultural world.

The importance of knowing multiple languages is growing at a rapid pace. Through our language education curriculum, students will gain invaluable communication skills as well as a deeper understanding and awareness of other people. Ultimately, they will benefit from a developmental edge that will have a profound impact on their future. In a globally competitive world, language and culture education are key components to success.

The WLCA Spanish module of our foreign language enrichment programs can be offered at your school. To learn more about the WLCA program at your school or start a program, click here!

Youth Foreign Language Class

Foreign Language Summer Camps

Youth Summer Foreign Language Camps

Become a Citizen of the World by learning a new language.

Learning doesn’t have to stop when the school year does! Campers will play and enjoy fun activities while learning a new language and about a new culture. Our camps focus onĀ conversation; instructors teach kids how to communicate through a mix of approaches using art, music, dance, and language. Kids will also learn fun and interesting things about other countries and their traditions.

Have your child experience a new culture this summer!

Visit our Summer Camp page.

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