In August of 2019, Chi-Chack Community Language Center, a nonprofit providing language and cultural education for primary school students, was rebranded as World Language Connection. Board members of WLC believe the new name reflects the organization’s goals of serving a broader community and expanding programming.

Emerging from the pandemic, World Language Connection teachers and staff resumed the nonprofit’s mission of increasing access to foreign language and cultural education in our community schools. In the spring of 2023, a Spanish class pilot programs was offered to students at Purdy Elementary in the Peninsula School District. Registration filled quickly, and student, staff and parent support was tremendous. It was clear the program is a valuable community resource, and needed just as much – if not more – than it had been through decades operating as Chi-Chack Community Language Center.

We believe in our mission and know that our services improve the educational experiences of our students and lay the foundations for their participation in a globalized world.

We hope our communities find our World Language Connection programs as compelling as we do, and we’d like to invite everyone to join us in our commitment to high-quality language and cultural education.

Contact Information:

Program Director – Yorleny Clapper

Main Office: | 512-225-4777

Global Language and Cultural Education Nonprofit Chi-Chack Community Language Center Reemerges as World Language Connection
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